Methyl fluoroacetate


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Ningxia Senxuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Chemical Bulk Drug | Dioxane | Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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Product Description

Chemical Name Methyl fluoroacetate
CAS NO. 453-18-9
structural formula 1
Molecular formula C3H5FO2
appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid
Purity (GC) ≥99.5%
methyl dichloroacetate ≤0.1%
Moisture ≤0.1ppm
Main uses Used as a basic raw material for the production of drugs such as fluorouracil, cyclopropylfluorouracil, 5-fluorouracil, fluoroglycosides, furfurazine, and 5-fluoro-4-hydroxypyrimidine. It can also be used as an intermediate in pesticides and dyes
package 25kg/plastic drum, 200kg/lined plastic iron drum
Enterprise Name Ningxia Senxuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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