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Chemical Name Trioxymethylene
CAS NO 110-88-3
Structure 1
Formula C3H6O3
Molecular weight 90.07794
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Trioxane, wt% ≥99.5%
Water, wt% ≤0.05%
Methanol, wt% ≤0.05%
Acidity (as HCOOH), wt% ≤0.05%


It’s mainly used as an intermediate of engineering plastic polyformaldehyde (POM) and other chemical products, disinfectant etc., and the catalyst for the preparation of epoxy resin and bisphenol A. It’s the raw material of daily cosmetics, perm lotions and depilatories, and can also be used for synthesis of a basic raw material of transparent plastics and organic antimony, organic tin and other heat stabilizer. Its reagent products are sensitive reagents for testing iron, molybdenum, silver, tin and other metal ions.
Package 20kg/fibre drum
Subsidiary name Shandong Luhua Senxuan New Materials Co., Ltd.

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